A Bar Above

Husband-and-wife team Chris and Julia Tunstall created the blog A Bar Above in 2012 to help bartenders and enthusiast learn the art of craft bartending. From craft and classic cocktail recipes to practical information such as what to do about foot pain, tips for bartending work/life balance and info on industry charities, A Bar Above helps folks working behind the stick do their jobs better.

We especially like the how-to posts, such as how to balance a cash drawer and how to comfort a depressed customer, and basics/refreshers like What is Falernum and Why is it in my Drink? A Bar Above is a great resource for people just starting out with plenty of helpful content to help working bartenders advance in their careers.

The historical details about cocktails and obscure ingredients make it fun and interesting for consumer enthusiasts as well as bartending professionals. A Bar Above recognizes that bartending is as much about hospitality as it is making drinks.