Arsenic-Lace is a cocktail blog written by longtime bartender and beverage consultant Natalie Jacob. The author counts 15 years in the industry, including her current position behind the bar at Dutch Kills in Long Island City, NY.
Her blog focuses on how anyone can make world-class cocktails in the comfort of their own home, using highly visual, easy-to-follow instructions. But that does not mean that Jacob is for the aspiring home bartender, only. Her cocktails are excellent ideas for professional bartenders as well, both as recipes and as starting-off points for their own signature creations.
Bright, beautiful photography delights the eyes throughout the blog, making Arsenic-Lace one of the easier to consume cocktail blogs there is. Jacob also shares her thoughts on lifestyle topics like d├ęcor, travel, and entertaining at home, which are all worth a read for anyone in the hospitality industry.