Copper and Kings American Dry, Old Tom Gins

Copper and Kings American Dry Gin

Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. is launching two Kentucky copper pot-distilled gins.

These are an American Dry Gin using an apple brandy base, and an American Old Tom Gin using a grape brandy base.

Both are double distilled using no neutral spirits, and are non-chill filtered. The gins have no added flavors or colors post distillation.


Classic gin botanicals are steeped in brandy low-wine (first distillation) then redistilled together with vapor distilled botanicals in the gin basket.

“We are a brandy distiller, and there is some uncommon complexity to using brandy as a base, with no neutral spirits and a double distilled, non-chill filtered spirit,” says Brandon O’Daniel, head distiller. “How do you elevate the crisp and refreshing expectation of a Dry Gin whilst still leveraging the beauty of the rounded mouthfeel and long, elegant finish of brandy? We’ve tried to retain the full fruit essence but within a signature classic Dry Gin style. Juniper power, citrus top notes form the backbone of our own particular interpretation. We found the crisper apple brandy base to be most suitable for our American Dry Gin.”

The company also continues its founding tradition of launching an annual limited-release, barrel-aged gin. The 2017 edition was aged for 14 months in an ex-Cognac cask. The gin is per tradition themed upon a cat, with an illustrated pink panther, and named L’inspectuer.

The suggested retail prices are as follows:

  • Copper & Kings American Dry Gin (92 proof/46% ABV) $35 / 750-ml.
  • Copper & Kings American Old Tom Gin (100 proof/50% ABV) $40 / 750-ml.
  • Copper & Kings L’inspectuer Limited Release Gin (100 proof/50% ABV) $40 / 375-ml.