Launched in 2009, Gastronomista focuses on the finer elements of cocktail culture. Founder/writer Emily Arden Wells is by day an architect, and lends her attention to detail to the world of drinks in this long-running, award-winning blog.

The blog  offers great insight into cocktail recipes, taking readers through the creative process of putting together high-class drinks. New York-based Arden Wells also writes about her extensive travels through the global cocktail culture. The site, which is all about “the culture of drink,” is further elevated by her excellent photography, offering some of the prettier pictures of cocktails on the web.

Gastronomista is an excellent resource for bartenders looking to take their cocktail programs to the next level. Arden Wells approaches cocktails through a lens of culture, class and creativity that can prove helpful for any bartender. Check out Gastronomista to learn more.