Loch & Union American Dry Gin

Loch Union Barley Gin

The Napa-based distillery Loch & Unionhas announced its new Loch & Union American Dry Gin.

The new product is a take on a classic dry gin, with an American twist, the company says. Starting with a neutral grain spirit base, 12 botanicals were selected to create the spirit.

Juniper, coriander and angelica root form the traditional dry gin flavor canvas, the company says. Additional flavors include cardamom, allspice, nutmeg and cubeb berry to create a warming and subtly spicy palate. Complementing the more dominant notes are herbal and floral caraway, damiana leaf, chamomile and orris root.


Loch & Union American Dry Gin is 94.4 proof, though is smooth on the palate, the company says.

Distribution for Loch & Union started in March 2018 in partnership with Southern Glazer’s with an initial focus on restaurants and bars in Napa Valley and the greater Los Angeles area. The brand will continue to ramp up its presence across the Bay Area and Southern California, and into retail locations.