Mixologist Nick Nistico Talks Bartending Trends in 2017

Nick Nistico

Nick Nistico is Breakthru Beverage Florida’s Beverage Program Specialist, as well as an award-winning mixologist. He emerged victorious in a number of bartending competitions from 2013 to 2014, and was recently awarded the Best in Show medal from the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America.

Jeremy Nedelka, editor of sister publication Beverage Dynamics, recently spoke to Nick about his views of the on-premise industry and what will drive sales and innovation forward in the coming years.

Jeremy Nedelka: What are the biggest industry trends currently impacting the on-premise?
Nick Nistico: If I had to spotlight one, I would say lower-ABV Apertivo, Amaro and Sherry-based cocktails. Spritzes can be enjoyed in numbers while remaining responsible. With so many options for cocktails and nightlife venues, I find a lot of guests like to visit multiple bars in one evening and enjoy a small bite along the way. Three-hour dinners are phasing out as guests look to maximize their experiences in an evening.


Beyond that, our industry continues to follow the culinary industry. It’s all about farm-to-table – driven by fresh ingredients. People want to know where things come from. When you travel, you want to drink local.

JN: What are some of the most innovative and creative mixologist trends you’ve seen lately?
NN: 3D-printed garnish, sensory and aromatic-driven cocktail experiences, creative glassware and delivery vessels continue to impress guests.


My work brings me in contact with all sorts of projects, ranging from big operations to mom-and-pop restaurants. A diverse customer base helps me keep a well-rounded perspective on what’s resonating in the mixology field at both big and small accounts.

JN: What will be the next trend to capture mixologists’ attention?
NN: Keep your eye on California brandy. Companies like Gallo Family are investing heavily not only in production, but also in marketing and consumer awareness efforts.

Some truly top quality spirits are being blended and distilled and I am looking forward to tasting more as this trend makes its way across the country.

JN: How does the wholesale tier most help bartenders and bar managers?
NN: The bottom line is about crafting a quality beverage experience. The wholesale tier allows bartenders and bar managers to interact with a wide range of industry experts in the business of beer, liquor and wine, as well as the teams that handle sales, cost management and purchasing, marketing and training. This connection encourages the opportunity to continue to learn and develop in the industry.

At Breakthru, we have several Alchemy Rooms located around the country, and one in development in Canada, that allow us to support our customers via staff trainings, education, restaurant management and beverage development programs. We’re also able to host new brand and product sessions and internal educational trainings in our Alchemy Rooms for many of our brewers and suppliers.

JN: What are the most important steps chain beverage accounts can take when training new staff?
NN: First and foremost is hospitality and self-motivation. You’ve got to know the basics – the steps of service. Know how to address a guest, drop a menu and explain the menu. I train a bartender to talk to cocktail gurus and train them on how to relate to basic consumers. That’s the most important part.

A positive, hardworking team is paramount to success. Find employees who are motivated and who care. Most chain accounts thrive on doing the simple things well.

How can beverage managers create a drink menu that balances innovation and profitability, and allows bartenders to achieve consistency in their drinks?

Know your clientele and know your guests. It’s great to be innovative, but remember it will likely be the classics or slight variations that will make the greatest impact in sales and profits.

The top cocktails haven’t evolved much over the past 30 years. Simplicity is king. Constantly work on the basics and master them over time. I’ve been making Martinis for 15 years, and I try to make the next one better every time.

Jeremy Nedelka is editor of Beverage Dynamics magazine, a sister publication to Better Bartending. Reach him at jnedelka@epgmediallc.com