RumChata Limon

Rum Chata Limon 750ml

RumChata has announced the launch of RumChata Limón.

RumChata Limón blends Caribbean rum with real dairy cream, vanilla and lemon.  The new product is packaged in a bright yellow version of the familiar RumChata bottle, including the gold cap.

“We wanted to blend a RumChata flavor that would be the perfect light summer cocktail enjoyed by simply pouring it over ice,” says Tom Maas, RumChata founder and master blender. “The addition of lemon to the exotic RumChata flavor creates a really refreshing drink.”


Lemon and citrus continue to top flavor cocktail trends, the company says.

“It’s accepted wisdom that cream liqueurs are a cold weather drink because consumers don’t want a dairy product when it’s hot out. Huh? What about ice cream?” continues Maas. “The truth is that cream liqueurs have long focused on rich, heavy flavors, but we’re changing that. Try RumChata Limón over a ton of ice. You’ll be shocked at the bright flavor and light feel of the product. This is the liqueur the sun would drink while on vacation.”


The launch of RumChata Limón will be supported with a TV, print and social media campaign. The RumChata Fairy and the “You Get A Gold Cap” campaign will continue for the new Limón launch.

RumChata Limón can be enjoyed on the rocks, as a light and flavorful creamer in hot or cold coffee, or blended with other spirits such as blueberry vodka for a shot or cocktail. In addition, RumChata Limón works as a recipe ingredient for brunch favorites such as French Toast and pancakes.

RumChata Limón is currently available in select markets and will be available nationally by April. The suggested retail price for a 750-ml bottle is $19.99.