Trincheri Vermouth

Trincheri Vermouth

Trinchero Family Estates has launched Trincheri Vermouth, a line of dry and sweet vermouths.

Trincheri Vermouth is based on the original Trinchero family recipe from the 1890s, the company says, and pays homage to the family history in Italy, New York City and Napa Valley.

When founder Mario Trinchero first moved to New York from Italy in the early 1900s, he got his start as a bartender at the Waldorf Astoria and Barbizon Plaza hotels. The Trinchero family later moved in 1948 from New York to Napa Valley, where Mario and his son Bob created Trincheri Vermouth with the classic cocktails Mario mixed at the aforementioned hotels in mind.


Later in life, Bob Trinchero and team celebrated every $100 sales day at their Napa Valley winery with a “Perfect Martini,” using both Trincheri Dry and Rosso Vermouth.

Trincheri Vermouth is based on the original 1890s Trinchero family recipe from Piedmont, Italy, the company says Grapes sourced from Trinchero-owned vineyards — including Barbera from Amador County and Chardonnay from Napa Valley — make up the expressions in Trincheri Rosso. Trincheri Dry is sourced from Bullfrog Vineyard French Colombard in Central Valley, which is also owned by Trinchero Family Estates.

Trincheri Rosso and Dry are both infused with Roman Artemisia and Cinchona Bark bitter herbs, as well as other fruits, botanicals and spices that have been cold macerated for over a month, resulting in a vermouth with the balance of bitterness, sweetness and flavor complexity, the company says.

Bob Trinchero, Trinchero Family Estates chairman, is the Trincheri Vermouth winemaker.

Both Trincheri Dry and Rosso Vermouths retail for $24.99, and are distributed in 29 states across the U.S.