Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel, Double Cask

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey’s annual selection of Single Barrel Bourbon is now on shelves in Wyoming, Colorado, California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. And, thanks to the popularity of Double Cask, a Pedro Ximenez sherry cask-finished bourbon, production has increased and more consistent distribution is expected in New York, New Jersey, and Colorado, in addition to the already established Wyoming and California markets.

Single Barrel Bourbon represents the top 1% of all barrels sampled in a given year, the company says, with each barrel selected for its overall quality and flavor profile. Single Barrel retails for $59.99 per 750-ml. bottle. This year’s stock for the Single Barrel program is over 5.5 years old. “This batch of Single Barrel has a has greater complexity, intensity, and finesse than it has in the past,” the company says.

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel is deep copper to mahogany in color. On the nose, you’ll find browned butter, cola, black currant, black cherry and dried dates, orange citrus blossoms, bittersweet dark chocolate, almond butter and black tea, the company reports. The palate is cola, dark chocolate, buttered pastry, dried date and Mission fig, raisin and candied orange peel. Its mouthfeel is chewy, spicy, creamy with nuts. It has a long finish with lingering impressions of butter crème, candied orange peel, and dark dried fruit. Each barrel offers its own unique variations from the general flavor profile.


First released in January, 207, Double Cask is fully-matured bourbon that has a second round of maturation in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels. Double Cask retails for $69.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

This sherry-finished bourbon features dark notes of dried apricot and fig, stewed prune, black currant and toasted nuts, the company reports. There are hints of candied orange peel, vanilla butter cream, and molasses. The finish is comprised of dark, dried fruit followed by warm, brown baking spices. This year’s Double Cask has overall has softer tannins, has more depth and length on the palate, and is overall ‘deeper and darker’ than last year’s version, the company says.